A Review of Printstagram

Monday, October 8, 2012

Last week, I placed an order through Prinstagram, a nifty online service for Instagram addicts like me who fancy turning their tiny masterpieces into real life photos. Well... today an exciting package arrived. A little parcel of Prinstagram goodness!

I've read mixed reviews of Prinstagram, so was a little worried how they were going to turn out. I went with the Miniprint option, which are printed on card stock with a matte finish. They are divine! They're about the size of a business card, with white space on the top and bottom for writing notes on or whatever. This gives them a nice polaroid effect.

The basic Miniprint package gives you 48 prints and it cost me only $30 including delivery to New Zealand. Pretty decent! Now I just need to figure out what to do with them. Any ideas?


  1. I hadn't heard of Prinstagram until now and I'm surely gonna check it out, thanks for the heads up! xo

  2. I've found them so handy for attaching to gifts and using as last-minute gift cards etc.



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